15:30 - 16:00
Fake News and Democracy: A Call to Action

Short thesis

Journalism has always found its way to counter anti-democratic forces. Fake news should not be the exception. Acting upon these will demand media not shy to engage and the awareness that digital may not be the (only) place to do our job.


Recent experiencies in Colombia have shown that it is possible to regain influence, credibility and relevance when rethinking the way some things work in traditional media. My thesis is that media and journalists could engage more (and more explicitely) with causes related to deep democratic values. This could be made through themed, sponsored projects that should not necessarily replace ongoing initiatives. My other thesis is that breakthrough regarding the struggle against fake news may not take place in the same terrain and with the same tools the latter uses. A kind of journalism that is rather analog than digital, rather public than private, and whose output is displayed rather outdoor than indoor (or in your digital device) offers new ways to counteract anonymity, massiveness, and manipulation. I will talk about concrete cases in Colombia.