17:30 - 18:30
Governance: Automating the Decision-Making Process


In this talk, artist Pinar Yoldas will discuss how artificial intelligence could play a role in political decision-making processes.


In this entertaining yet stimulating talk, Pinar Yoldas will discuss the potential role of artificial intelligence for political decision-making processes. Introducing concepts such as ‘applied micro-democracy’ and ‘empathetic AI”, Pinar Yoldas will use her short film „The Kitty AI: Artificial Intelligence for Governance“ as a case study:

Set in the year 2039, this 3D animation depicts a future where an artificial intelligence in the form of a digital kitten becomes the first non-human governor of a European city. Rising to power after a period of profound social upheaval caused by climate change, population displacement, and political turmoil, Kitty AI is able to offer the population comfort, care, and stability when the human politicians fall short. With her superior networked intelligence and the enhanced affective capacities of a kitten (Kitty AI is able to love up to 3 million people), she is able to tend to her citizens on a personal as well as a bureaucratic level — she can manage the city’s budget and make sure your children get to school safely.

“The Kitty AI: Artificial Intelligence for Governance” will also be screened in the exhibition area of Future Affairs.


This talk will be the starting point for the the Ideation Lab focusing on the Future of Governance. Developed and facilitated in cooperation with the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP)